Anastasia: What’s New for Fall 2016

Anastasia has done it again creating her got to have products this fall!!! This Mini Lip Gloss Set consist of 6 amazing fall filled colors that we all need in our makeup bags. They are vanilla scented, offers a glass like shine and also leave your lips luscious and moist. Get it girls its $28.00 for the whole set what can beat that!!!!
 The Glow Kit consists of 4 illuminating highlighters that offers amazing glow to every inch of the body. It’s in stock and available for $40.00.
 This Glow Kit – Moonchild palette really makes you feel like you’re living amongst the moon and stars. It gives you a magically glow and in the right lighting you will realize that you are a moon Goddess.
DARKSIDE WATERPROOF GEL LINER is exactly what the name said. It’s a gel cream liquid liner which is perfect for wings!!! At $18.00 you can’t go wrong.
 This Stick Foundation is the With its lightweight cream to matte finish will create an amazing beat, contour, and highlight. And also there is 28 shades which has huge variety to make sure there is one for everyone. For $25.00 this is a must buy!!!


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