Ipsy and Sephora Play Box!!

img_0049Have you ladies ever wanted to try samples of any beauty products but were afraid to pay full price just in case you didn’t like it? Well that’s me I hate wasting money and because of this I signed up for Ipsy and Sephora Play Box. These two sites will send you decent size samples of beauty products for only $10 a month. Here’s how it works: you will be taking something like a personality test to figure out what brands and products you like and then your products will be sent out to you according to the month cycle.

Ipsy sends out your sample in these cute little themed bags which are different every month. And I so love them because it allows me to be better organized. I used these bags as my makeup bag, sanitary napkin bag, change purse and more. And what I like about Ipsy is the emails they send out after receiving your bag letting you know that the full price version of your sample can be purchased and 9/10 it comes with a discount attached.

Sephora Play Box comes in the standard Sephora striped box and when you open it there is a cloth drawstring bag with your all your samples inside. Also there is a manual with all the samples on them letting you what the samples are and what they are used for and even directions on how to use them. I may say that is a great idea because some of these products don’t have directions on them or even let you know what you can use it for so i give Sephora a hand clap for that!!

Ladies please be sure to subscribe to one or both of these sample sites and start exploring and finding new products for your beauty regime you may just fall in love like I did !!

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