The Face Shop!!

img_0051Any skin problem you ladies may have I guarantee The Face Shop will cure it. The Face Shop is a Korean skin care sanctuary. The staff is amazing and helpful and really seem to care about your current skin condition. I have really bad acne. It went away and came back with a vengeance and I couldn’t understand why. I was speaking to one of my colleagues regarding this matter and she referred me to the face shop.

The following weekend I took a trip to The Face Shop and I fell in love. The employee that helped me took her time with me, accessed my skin, and pointed me in the direction of these wonderful products. Did I mention they are all natural which I love.

This line is called Acne solution. The foaming cleanser is amazing it is infused with green tea extract which helps eliminate sebum and dead skin cells that blocks pores. It leaves your face feeling clean and refreshed. And you only need a tiny amount because it lathers and foams up which makes it last a lifetime. The mild toner and lotion which both has tea tree leaf extract is what really helps with the acne. The toner is every gentle on the skin its has a very pleasant smell and it doesn’t burn upon application. The lotion is also lightweight but very moisturizing and doesn’t leave your face oily at all.

I’ve been using these products for about a month and it has dried up my current break outs within a day or two and also prevent new ones from showing up. I also use it with my Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Care System brush because I wear make up daily and need to really get in there to remove excess dirt.

Ladies get yours ASAP!!!!!!!!

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