The Best Hair Loss Prevention Products


So I’m gonna start by saying I love Una Products!!!! These products combine will turn your hair from dull, breaking, and shedding to VaVaVOOOOOOOOOOM. I honestly feel like the Intensive Protein Treatment and the Oxygenating drops is what makes your hair come back from hell. The Intensive Protein Treatment is used every 6 to 8 weeks to restore the hair, add protein which helps the hair regain strength, prevent hair loss, and also gives the hair an amazing shine. Oh I forgot to tell you about how good it smells OMG you would want to eat it!!

The Oxygenating drops is put in the scalp every time you wash your hair about every week or two weeks. This product stimulates the hair follicles which promotes growth. Add this product to any bald spot and watch your hair grow before your eyes.

The Conpensating Shampoo is hair magic in the bottle. As it is being applied to your scalp you automatically feel like your scalp is happy. It gives the scalp a cool, minty, and fresh sensation which also promote hair loss and removes any dirt and scum left in the scalp.

I say buy this hold set ASAP. If you’re having any trouble with hair loss, shedding, or just simply wanting to prevent hair loss and look for a new great product this is it. Amazon sells the whole set for $105.00 and they have a smaller set for $49.95. And its great for relaxed and Natural hair.

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