Natural Hair’s Dream!!!!


Design Essentials knows exactly what the hair needs especially with these two products.

The Honey Creme Moisture Retention Super Detangling Conditioning Shampoo does exactly what the name says. It cleans the hair and scalp and also moisturizes, detangles, and condition the hair leaving it feeling so loved. Some of my clients complain about how hard and dry their hair is and once I use these products on them  would swear they were lying. It also accentuate the CURLS, so this product does EVERYTHING you need it to.

The Almond Butter Express Instant Moisturizing Conditioner is the best conditioner for wash and go’s and silk presses. I know that might sound a lil bazaar because I mentioned a wet and dry style but this conditioner adds so much moisture, shine, and bounce to the hair that you can do pretty much any style (twist & braid out, perm rod set, wash n’ go, silkout, etc)  without any added products.

All natural girlies should definitely try this product. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find it in stores but it’s definitely on Amazon (my fav place)

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