About ME

image-1Hello Wombmen!!!!

My name is Danielle B. Thank you so much for coming!!! I am a thick fun loving, caring, generous, makeup junkie, hair styling, nature loving cosmetologist. I love everything that is associated with beauty especially natural beauty. Makeup is fun but what really matters is whats underneath the makeup. For more than 10 years I’ve had this dream of becoming the cosmetologist that I am now. And now that I am here I would love to help all women become there own cosmetologist. I specialize in makeup and hair especially coloring. My focus at all times is to help things come alive. I love to bring the beauty out of everything and everyone. And I also love to help others anyway I can. I believe God has put us on this earth to help each other along our journey through life. Even though the world has change and it’s not about helping but about stepping on each other to get a ahead; I would like to think I break the cycle with that. I am also very cultural I am a Black wombman first and foremost but I am also Afro-Latino with a Guyanese Caribbean background. I am foodie (someone that loves to eat). I love alllllll kinds of music starting from old- school hip hop, R&B, soca, reggae, dancehall (old and new school),salsa,merengue, bachata, afrobeat, soukous, rock, pop, indie, and the list goes on. Put it this way if it sounds good and I can jam to it I’m sold. And All Fired Up by Mac is my signature lips if you haven’t noticed. But enough about me. How are you ladies? Let’s be a family!!

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